What happens if I add baking powder to self-raising flour?


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Hi, can you add baking powder to self raising flour so that the cake rises more? Thanks

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Self-raising flour includes baking powder in an ideal proportion for most sponge cakes, such as a Victoria sponge, as well as cupcakes. Some recipes may ask for a little addicional baking powder to be added, particularly if the cake is made with an all-in-one method as omitting the creaming stage in the cake making means less air is incorpoated into the batter during the mixing stage. If the ingredients contain cocoa powder, yogurt, or buttermilk, a little amount of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) is often added as well.

However, only add more baking powder or bicarbonate of soda (leavening) if the recipe calls for it. Adding too much more leavening in the hopes of increasing the rise of a recipe might have the opposite effect. If there is too much leavening in the cake then as the cake bakes the it rises up too much and then falls back very quickly as the cake cools, leaving a sunken cake with a very wrinkled surface. Furthermore, using too much baking powder or bicarbonate of soda might result in an unpleasant, somewhat bitter flavor.

Related Questions

  • Is it OK to add baking powder to self-raising flour?

    It is vital to remember that baking powder should not be added to self-raising flour since it already includes baking powder.

  • How much baking powder to add to self-raising flour?

    To create 100g self-raising flour, how much baking powder do you need? The ratio for self-raising flour is that for every 75g plain white flour you must add 1 tsp (4g) baking powder.

  • What happens if I accidentally add baking powder to a recipe?

    But don’t worry if you didn’t realize your error till later. All you have to do is add extra of your other ingredients to compensate for the quantity of baking soda you used. You may wind up with a bigger portion of cake, but you will avoid making a major baking error.

  • Can I add baking soda to self-rising flour?

    Because self-rising flour does not include baking soda, if you use it and the recipe asks for it, be sure to add it.

  • Does all-purpose flour and baking powder make self-raising flour?

    Fortunately, you can produce self-raising flour from normal flour in your pantry; just add baking powder! This easy, make-at-home substitute for self-raising flour can be prepared in advance and stored in an airtight container for use in future recipes.

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